Kumrular Food Ltd. is founded by Mehmet Ali Kumru, at 1998, Ankara, Turkey. In 2000, animal identification and tagging activity started at Turkey and Kumrular started to supply services in this field. In 2005, with the brand name of Kumflex, Kumrular started to produce its own visual cattle and sheep&goat animal identification tags.

In 2017, Kumrular started to produce its own RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) animal identification tags for cattle and sheep&goat. Since its foundation, Kumrular has been supplying visual and RFID tags for several projects of Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

In addition to this, Kumrular is an important eartag producer in local retail sector. Many corporate livestock companies, veterinary clinics, farms are choosing Kumrular for their animal identification needs.

In global market; Uzbekistan, UK, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Cyprus, Lebanon are some of the major markets, which Kumrular’s idenfitication products are used.

Kumrular continues to offer solutions to your animal identification needs with the

  • • Experience of serving to public sector demands,
  • • Production quality acquired from export,
  • • Solution-oriented approach gained from retail market demands.

Founder of our company, Mehmet Ali Kumru passed away in 6 January 2020, at Tallinn, Estonia.