In 2016, Ahmet Kumru founded Kumrular Livestock Turkey and builded his farm at Ankara Haymana Çalış. He stepped into the livestock sector with his farm built on a land of 47.000 m2.

Çalış Farm has a 2200 m2s of closed area, who has a capacity of 600 heads of cattle. With the weighing and paddling system preferred in many modern livestock farms, the animal presence in the farm is traced.

At the same time, the farm, which has a 640 m2 feed warehouse, has a silage pit with a capacity of 1500 tons and dimensions of 40 * 16 * 2.5 m.

Kumrular Livestock Turkey has experience in different fields of livestock business such as beef cattle breeding, fattening, importing dairy cattle for sale to breeders.